Doctor Who “Hell Bent” — So is Clara dead or not?

This weekend season 9 of Doctor Who ended with the second episode in the two parter “Heaven Sent” – “Hell Bent”. I was excited! But sadly I was also disappointed by the end; I feel like they could have made more of it. Oh by the way if you’re afraid of big bad spoilers read… Continue reading Doctor Who “Hell Bent” — So is Clara dead or not?

Doctor Who Festival 2015

Hello dear Internet 🙂 As promised, I am going to recap my adventures at the Doctor Who Festival last saturday. Yay! Okay, first off, adventures is probably not the right word, the closest we came to an adventure was getting one of us (there were three of us in total) into the festival on friday’s… Continue reading Doctor Who Festival 2015

Zombies, Doctor Who, Youtube and Life

Hello Internet! The super exciting thing happening now is that I’m going to the Doctor Who festival in London this weekend! Woop woop! I’m really excited, I’m going with two friends and it’s going to be amazing! And probably exhausting as well, I’ll only actually be in London Friday evening until Sunday morning (really early… Continue reading Zombies, Doctor Who, Youtube and Life