US Election – Did not see that coming

Dear reader, I haven’t blogged in a very long time, which I regret, and I’m not too pleased to be re-entering with a political theme, but I need to work through this, as I think we all do. When my flatmate told me this morning that Trump had won the US election I didn’t believe… Continue reading US Election – Did not see that coming


Hello dear Internet 🙂 This is a very short post, but one I really want to make. I know not many people read this blog, it is only a baby blog after all, and I’m anonymous on it, so most of my friends and family don’t read it, but I feel like this is still… Continue reading TedTalk

“Who am I?” – The ultimate question?

Hello dear World 🙂 Maybe it’s something about my age, maybe it’s about this age we’re living in, but it seems that the single most important question to answer is the deceptively simple question of “Who am I?”. On the surface it’s an easy question to answer: I am my parents’ daughter, my sisters’ sister,… Continue reading “Who am I?” – The ultimate question?