Hello dear Internet 🙂

This is a very short post, but one I really want to make. I know not many people read this blog, it is only a baby blog after all, and I’m anonymous on it, so most of my friends and family don’t read it, but I feel like this is still an important post to make.

In the endless spiral that is Youtube I reached the TedEd and TedxTalk videos and this last one I watched really touched me and I want to share it with you. In my opinion the speaker is very good and the subject he’s speaking on is very important, but often hushed up. I myself am in no way qualified to speak or write about it as I have absolutely no experience or knowledge about it, so I’m just going to end this with the video, and ask you to watch it, and maybe if you’re braver than me you’ll post it on facebook, or twitter, or tumblr, or any social media where it will be seen by more people, and maybe, just maybe we can create a snowball chain reaction that influences people for the better.

In the end I know I’m a quiet voice calling out into the bottomless depths of the internet, but maybe my solitary voice will be heard and another, louder voice will join me. That’s the theory anyway. So as promised, here is the video. Thanks for watching 😉

xoxo flissyolivia



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