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Hello Internet!

Here is some of the stuff currently being made that I am soo excited about 😀
Because I’m so excited about it, you get to hear about it too! Yay!

First off, I’m sorry about the long lack of posts. I was going to write a post about introversion and stuff, which is still in production but probably won’t appear for a while, until I’ve sorted out what I actually want to say. So to pass the time until you get to read my fascinating thoughts on the world, I present — in no particular order — the 5 things to get excited about this year:

  1.  Non-Transferable


Non-transferable is a romantic comedy of which the release date is sadly unknown (it was scheduled for a release on valentine’s day, but then got pushed back). It will be released on the web, and it looks great and funny and wonderful. The story is about a girl, Amy (played by Ashley Clements who played Lizzie in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries) who books a two week trip to Turkey for her and her boyfriend immediately before he dumps her. To still be able to go, she has to find someone to go with her who has the same name as her ex. Here’s a link to the film website which also has the trailer on it ;).


2. Spies are Forever (it’s a musical)


So, this isn’t really new news, but I’m still excited for it. Why? Because Spies Are Forever is a musical by some really cool people (for example several members of Team Starkid, who I’ve definitely geeked about before now). It’s a stage performed musical that was on in february and march (or march and april? so confused!) in L.A., but there is hope for all us poor people who can’t casually go over there for a quick trip, because Spies Are Forever will eventually be uploaded to Youtube! On their Kickstarter page they said probably early 2017, but I seem to remember hearing something about late 2016 as well… To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, and why I’m so excited, here’s the link to their kickstarter video (to get to the extremely catchy song skip to 6:18).


3. Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party!


Or, to give it its full name “Edgar Allan Poe’s Invite Only, Casual Dinner Party/Gala for Friends Potluck” or Poe Party for short ;). This is a project I am personally invested in, because I gave them money to make sure it would be made. Again, really cool people I know from youtube (not personally duh!), and it looks like it’s going to be really fun. Basically Edgar Allan Poe hosts a dinner party for various authors from several different ages (Charlotte Brontë, Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, to name a few), but then a muurder happens! They’re currently in Pre-production, but as far as I know very close to production, and then that too will be on youtube :D. Here are links to the kickstarter (which is finished, by the way, if you want to give them all your money I think you need to go to backerkit?) and the kickstarter video on youtube. And A Tell Tale Vlog which will give you a taste of Poe and Lenore ;).


4. Firebringer


Firebringer is a new musical by Team Starkid (you knew they would come up again). It’s set in the stone age, with a female-led cast, and it’s about the girl who discovers fire and her tribe. From the kickstarter video, it looks like it’s going to look and sound great, and I’m really excited to see a musical with female main characters. If you know Starkid, or have just heard me gushing so much you feel like you know them, the cast looks great (check out their website for that info 😉 ) and it will probably be on youtube around September or October. This is the kickstarter video. Now tell me that doesn’t look like fun! I dare you! 😛


5. Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them


Last but most certainly not least, the thing which has had me geeking out since the teaser came out in November: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Funnily enough the only thing on here that is a big-budget movie! If you don’t know (how??) Fantastic Beasts is a spinoff/expansion of Harry Potter. Set in the 1920s in New York, it follows Newt Scamander, the author of Harry’s Textbook ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. Obviously there will be lots of Fantastic Beasts, some of them loose in the Big Apple, but also we get to see the magical world in the 20s in New York! Sadly it will be a Trilogy, with one movie coming out each year. It seems that filmmakers have forgotten that standalone films can be good in their own right. While I understand that they can expand the world and add more detail in trilogies — which obviously I support 😛 — it does feel like money-grabbing (but who am I kidding, you know I’ll see all of them all in the cinema!). The latest trailer looks amazing, and I do like Eddie Redmayne, so it’s no surprise really that I can’t wait for November!


So there you are: my five most exciting geeky things happening this year :). Did I miss something really obvious/important? I hope not but it’s always possible. I hope I’ve inspired you to get geeky and if not — well, that’s your loss really isn’t it 😛

see you soon,





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