Angry at the World

Why does the world work so that feeling blessed also make me feel angry and sad?

Reading other bloggers’ posts on feminism, sexism and violence, I feel immensely blessed. Blessed that I grew up in a relatively safe country, blessed that I’m quite flat-chested, blessed that I look younger than I am, blessed that I’m inconspicuous and quiet.

Because I have never been treated with violence by any man or boy I tend to forget how many girls and women have had to endure it. And then even though I am grateful I have never been assaulted, I get so angry on behalf of all these women who regularly get harassed and threatened. Why is it ok to threaten women who advocate equal rights for both sexes? Why is it ok to grope girls in crowds and clubs? Why is it ok to be silent about this? Why is it ok?

I honestly don’t want to sound judg-y and accusatory but I’m trying to get my head around these things. I feel like it’s ingrained in our society that it’s ok for men to cross women’s boundaries whether it’s something small like cat-calling or something like rape or murder. Why is it ok for men to do these things, but it’s not ok for women to speak out about it. The one thing that seems to filter through all these posts, no matter where you look, is that the authors get threatened for what they are writing. And I don’t understand how that can be ok. How we can all just turn away, hush up and accept that “that’s life”.

There seems to be some part of society that still thinks women should be shut away in the house, there for sex, food and child-rearing. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with stay-at-home mums, I’m saying there’s something wrong with stopping girls getting the same opportunities as boys.

Another point I’m getting increasingly annoyed about is the idea that feminism = man hate. Of course there are some few feminists who hate men (and in some cases can you blame them?) but the vast majority of feminists is not trying to take anything away from men or put them down or control them, they really only want equal rights and treatment for men and women. For both genders to be treated the same. Equal pay, equal education, equal opportunities. And I ask you what’s wrong with that? Men don’t lose their rights because women are treated equally. Men won’t get payed less than women with equal pay. Why is the word equal so hard to understand? And why are some people so strongly opposed to equality?

On equal is defined as “evenly proportioned or balanced”. How is that not something worth achieving?

I sometimes wish I was born a boy. Imagine walking down the street at night without having to be afraid! Imagine people not being shocked that you walked home alone in the dark! Imagine not having to worry about being raped! Imagine not getting cat-called! Imagine being taken seriously when you’re upset, without people assuming you’re “just hormonal”!
And I dream of a world where that’s normal for women as well as men.

When I was younger I thought feminists were these extreme, radical women, but now I see how wrong it is that feminism is even labelled “radical”. It’s seen as radical to want equal treatment for girls.


Well, that’s got rid of some of my frustration. I will definitely be posting more on the subject at some point, but right now I need to study for my exams :/

I would be very glad to hear your thoughts on the subject, so leave a comment 😉

see you,


P.S. You can read the post that inspired this one here: Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence


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