Zombies, Doctor Who, Youtube and Life

Hello Internet!

The super exciting thing happening now is that I’m going to the Doctor Who festival in London this weekend! Woop woop! I’m really excited, I’m going with two friends and it’s going to be amazing! And probably exhausting as well, I’ll only actually be in London Friday evening until Sunday morning (really early morning! :/) But it will be so worth it. I’ve spent this week practicing drawing a dalek eye-stalk on my forehead for it (google dalek puppet and you’ll see what I’m aiming for, or just watch the episode “Asylum of the Daleks” ;)) and, yeah I will definitely be posting about it when I get back. Sometime next week. When I’ve caught up on all the stuff I can’t do this weekend :P.

In other news I want to share a small and current obsession with you: 

this is a wonderful short film set in a zombie apocalypse. Usually I don’t go for zombie stuff and I originally watched it because of Mary Kate Wiles, the actress who plays Sara, but now I’ve got addicted to it and have watched it at least five times. In about three or four days… Anyway it’s a really beautifully made short and is quite a lot sadder than I was prepared for the first time I watched it!

I’ve been discovering youtube in all new ways recently and it’s so much fun. I would recommend it, but I’m sure you have other more important stuff to be doing in life… which I do too, but I don’t care :P. Seriously though, who knew youtube had such amazing good quality content on it? I used to think it was mainly vloggers talking about random stuff and short clips of funny stuff, but I have discovered the land of web series. series’s? series’? never mind. The point is, there is some really good stuff out there! And I never even knew about it! I think Starkid really started this off for me (if you don’t know Starkid and like musical theatre and parodies you need to check their stuff out!). And of course “the lizzie bennet diaries” which is a really good (also really long, so make sure you’re not busy) adaptation of pride and prejudice, set in the 21st century, with Lizzie as a student vlogging on youtube 🙂 (it’s also where I first saw Mary Kate Wiles, she plays Lydia). These two amazing things have led me deeper and deeper into the magic land of youtube, the perfect place for procrastination, and I regret nothing :D.

So this post has kind of turned into an advert for youtube…? Oh well, it’s supposed to be about my life and that pretty much sums it up at the moment 😛
It does raise some interesting points though, like the fact that the whole film/theatre industry has changed since actors, directors, etc. can upload their content to youtube. I mean, starkid only became famous because they uploaded “a very potter musical” to youtube and it went viral. Maybe this is a new age in film industry…

Ok so I started this post, then found out my friend has got the wrong date on her festival ticket, and now am back here. This is really bad and I really really hope it can be sorted out, but right now my mind is too frazzled to think straight about it. I’ll let you know what happened.

So on that oh-so-cheerful note I will leave you, but not without a reminder that youtube is awesome and full of great actors and mini-serieses (that’s what I’m sticking to now) to get addicted to, so go forth and procrastinate!

talk soon, flissyolivia


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