The Great Unknown

Hello Internet!

Welcome to my very first blog post! Yay!

So, I don’t know if anyone is actually going to read this, but I’m giving it a go anyway 🙂

The world of blogs is, so far, relatively unknown to me, so it’s quite exciting to be engaging in my own blog. If you haven’t clicked on the ‘About Me’ bit yet, I am a 19 year old student in my first year studying linguistics in Bern (Switzerland).

I’ve thought about starting a blog a lot recently, but always put it off, because I didn’t have a ‘theme’ to write about. Then I a) found out a friend of mine has a blog ( go check it out ;)) but I also came across this inspiring blogpost: which kind of made up my mind for me.

Like I said, I’m not sure where this will lead, hence the title, but I’m open and excited to find out. Maybe it will turn into a review blog (if so be prepared for a lot of doctor who and whatever else I’m obsessing over at the moment). Currently it’s more of a journal, shouting out at the world, to see if it will listen or maybe even answer?

Currently I’m procrastinating from learning for my first exam at uni (!), so I’ll leave it at that, short though it is (hopefully the next post will be longer) and get back to syntax and semantics 😉

… or youtube… it’s a toss-up 😛

See you soon,



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